Our High Speed Dedicated Servers are the perfect solution for Websites that have outgrown shared and vps hosting. Deployed on Dedicated Hardware with the realiability & Reduduncy of Cloud hosting 100% uptime is Gutanteed. Multiple Data Center locations Available Worldwide.

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3.1 GHZ 4 Cores 8 GB 500 GB (SSD) Unlimited24 Hrs Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 37,500 BUY NOW
3.7 GHZ 15 GB 400 GB (HDD) 3 TB24 Hrs Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 60,000 BUY NOW
3.7 GHZ 8 Cores 32 GB 512 GB (SSD) Unlimited24 Hrs Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 75,000 BUY NOW
3.5 GHZ 12 Cores 200 GB 2 TB (HDD) Unlimited24 Hrs Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 107,500 BUY NOW
3.1 GHZ 64 GB 1000 GB (HDD) Unlimited24 Hrs Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 120,000 BUY NOW

We Offer


web hosting in kenya

Instanly Scalable

Increase More Resoures i.e RAM,CPU and Storage within Our Secure High Speed Cloud Instanly From the Client Area

web hosting in kenya

Free interworx server

Create unlimited number of accounts without incurring any additional costs as you would have with cPanel/WHM licenses which is sold separately.

web hosting in kenya

World-class support team.

You're in safe hands with our world-class support team. We'll help you manage and setup your Dedicated Cloud Server

web hosting in kenya

Pure SSD RAID 10 Storage

High speed solid state disk drives allows for quick page load response time and better performance

web hosting in kenya

Free website migration

We will help you migrate from your old host.No Downtime

web hosting in kenya

Fully secured & Managed by our Support Team

You Dont Have to be a Sever Guru or Hire one, Our server Experts will setup Everything for you and Deploy your website


Cloud server and a web page

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We use state of the art equipment, software & technologies paired together with several layers of backup systems, CloudFlare CDN & multiple data centers location to ensure your website is always online

Secure sheild symbol next to a rack of servers

Secure + FREE SSL

Secure your website and email with industry leading technologies. Immunify 360 WAF firewall, Daily malware scanning and removal, 2nd factor authentication, FREE SSl certificates

Three technical support staff on laptop computers

24/7 Technical Support

Our support staff are well trained and dedicated to offering you the best customer experience. We are always willing and happy to help , technical support for your website and emails 24/7/365

Thousands of satisfied clients from over 25 countries worldwide ; here are a few examples


Is your business bursting at the seams?
Despite your best efforts at scaling your hosting, is your website still being slowed down with heavy traffic?
Is your current webhost infrastructure not serving your customers efficiently?

Regardless of your situation, our cloud dedicated servers provide the highest level of resources that increase speed, performance, reliability, and redundancy for large websites with huge demands.

Fully secured & Managed by our Support Team, our Cloud Dedicated Servers provides the ability to increase resources on-demand with fast solid states Drives (SSDs) protected by Raid 10(Real-time Data Mirroring)

We include a free complimentary Interworks Server License, Giving you the Ability to create unlimited number of accounts without incurring any additional costs as you would have with cPanel/Whm licenses which is sold separately, licence prices increasing with number of accounts.

With our cloud dedicated servers you can instantly upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server with one click of a button, by clicking on the Upgrade to Dedicated server .Allowing you to instantly and automatically scale your web hosting infrastructure on a pay as you go model. You can also scale to the Next Dedicated server within the client area instantly and automatically without any downtime. Adding more resources such as Memory, CPU and Storage Space.

What is a Dedicated Server

A cloud Dedicated Server is a virtualized physical server connected to a network that provides dedicated hardware components such as processor (CPU), RAM, storage drives (SSD), etc. where a base operating system can be installed (CentOS 7) to also include software such as a web server (Apache) and a database engine (MariaDB) to provide functionality for a website. Unlike a traditional dedicated server that is limited to the physical device, a cloud instance has the ability to “re-image” itself to other physical machines/hardware components in real time through the process of virtualization. Cloud Dedicated Servers provide an infrastructure that has the ability to host one or more websites reaching millions of unique visitors a day need a lot more power to function than a website only reaching a couple hundred visitors per day. Likewise, web hosting companies will include Cloud Dedicated Servers to provide multiple clients hosting packages at a discounted rate as hundreds (if not thousands) of smaller websites can be housed on a single server (Shared Web Hosting).

What Makes SkyHost Cloud Dedicated Servers Different?

Most Dedicated server providers offer “traditional” dedicated servers i.e they provide access to a single physical machine that you “rent”. While this does provide the dedicated resources you’re looking for, its limited to the physical hardware on the server, that includes: the CPU processing power, memory (RAM), and disk space (hard drive/s). If any one of these physical resources is exhausted, the only option is to physically upgrade the hardware in the machine, which means downtime.
With SkyHost Cloud Dedicated Servers, you can simply add resources on-demand as they’re needed. For example, if you have a big traffic spike and need more CPU processing power and RAM, these resources can be added inside our interface and the server will automatically “scale up.” Likewise, if you need to add more disk space, the storage can be upgraded dynamically, without physically pulling the server offline and adding additional drives.

  • • 100% Cloud Dedicated Servers – All of our dedicated servers are deployed on our high-speed cloud giving you the flexibility to add resources on demand (CPU, RAM, and disk space)without prolonged downtime or conducting physical hardware upgrades.

  • • Instantly scalable – You can easily upgrade your Cloud Dedicated server dynamically, meaning real-time re-sizing of the server (including your settings and IP addresses) without the hassle of deploying the new server and migrating over the data. This gives you the flexibility to pay as you grow. Additionally any of our VPS Hosting Packages can be re-sized as a Cloud Dedicated Server.

  • • 99.9% server uptime – since our Cloud Dedicated Servers aren’t isolated to one physical machine, multiple points of failure are eliminated providing an extremely high level of redundancy. SkyHost also has a dedicated onsite monitoring and systems recovery team that takes a proactive approach to mitigating issues before they cause an outage.

  • • Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage – Other providers may offer larger allotments of disk space, but they include “outdated ” SATA hard drives that have many spinning parts which includes a much higher rate of failure. Solid state drives are more expensive, but more reliable, and also include a much faster I/O, read-write rate, meaning they’re able to retrieve data much more efficiently.

  • • Fully managed & secured – A lot of customers are hesitant to go with a dedicated server with the fear they have to configure, install, and secure components to get and keep their website online. This is not the case with SkyHost! You don’t have to be a server guru or “techie” our superhero Team has you covered 24x7x365 via phone, live chat, and our helpdesk. We also constantly monitor your server and if an issue does arise, we resolve as quickly as possible, regardless the hour of day that it occurs!

  • • CentOS 7 – All of our Cloud Dedicated Servers come standard with centOS 7. A free, enterprise-class, community-supported, Linux distribution. This is the operating system of choice for many very large organizations that will ensure maximum efficiency of your server.

Benefits Of A Cloud Dedicated Server

Our Cloud Dedicated Servers provide the highest level of performance, reliability, security, and scalability for your business. Unlike our Shared, Reseller, or VPS hosting, our Cloud Dedicated Servers are completely independent from other nodes on our network. This gives you added peace of mind for not only performance but security, meaning with these configurations can fulfil even the strictest guidelines. You also have full root access over your Cloud Dedicated Server that gives you the ability to customize everything from the base operating system to specifically meet the needs of your business. Install or remove unneeded components, tweak what works best for you! With dedicated processing power (CPU), you have a lot more flexibility in terms of what you can accomplish vs. our VPS hosting. Configure specific services such as Apache, MySQL, etc. to utilize a specific number of cores to maximize efficiency and maintain a low server load response time. Host unlimited websites/domains without having to worry about increased licensing costs and running out of resources. With interWorx + on-demand resources you can maximize your ROl without the limitations of a traditional dedicated server.

Cloud Dedicated Server Options

We understand all businesses are different but want to provide the flexibility to customize the perfect solution for you!

  • • 100% white labelled - If you’re reselling web hosting or the owner of an agency, your customers will never see SkyHost as all of our Cloud Dedicated Servers can be 100% white labelled to your business. InterWorx provides the ability to customize both NodeWorx and SiteWorx themes so you can provide an exceptionally unique experience to your customers.
  • • Litespeed Ready – All of our Cloud Dedicated Servers come standard with the Apache web server, but if you are interested in using Litespeed, which can be up to 10x faster, feel free to purchase a licence during the order process and have our Superhero team install and configure it for you!
  • • CloudFlare w/Railgun Ready – cloudflare is the world’s largest content delivery network and can help protect your websites against malicious attacks! Our superhero team can integrate it directly into your Cloud Dedicated Server giving your clients the ability to activate right inside of their control panel without having to hassle with it themselves. Additionally we provide access to their Railgun optimizer (up to 200% faster page loads) for free!
  • • CloudLinux OS Ready – If you’re looking for containerized hosting (especially resellers) CloudLinux OS provides the perfect virtualized environment to accomplish this. You can purchase a license through SkyHost and our Superhero team will install and configure it to meet your exact needs. This will ensure a single client cannot utilize all of the server resources creating a bottleneck for other customers.
  • • Dedicated IPs – with free and automated SSL certificates having a lot of IPs on a server is really a thing of the past. But if you have clients with high email demands, as long as they’re CAN-SPAM compliant, you can add additional dedicated IPs to your server with ease.
  • Skyhost Dedicated Cloud Dedicated Servers

    While the benefits of having a virtualized dedicated server environment are tremendous. SkyHost believes in taking it a step further, by including additional tools and features to provide a full service, turn-key solution. Rather you’re looking to power a heavy traffic website or provide web hosting services to your own clients, all of SkyHost cloud Dedicated Servers are pre-configured with an easy-to-use control panel that allows for instant deployment of wordpress and other applications as well as full server management including upgrades and security configurations. Developed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs SkyHost understands the need for solutions that are instantly available and monitored 24x7x365 by real humans. It’s our goal to take the headache out of keeping your website(s) online where you can focus solely on growing your business.

    Cloud Dedicated Servers Features you Need

    Reliability, Redundancy, and scalability!

    100% Cloud Powered

    All of our Cloud Dedicated Servers are deployed on top of our high speed cloud giving you the reliability and redundancy you need for your business. Since your server is in a cloud environment you can add resources such as CPU cores, RAM, and disk space with the click of your mouse. This is the ideal solution for growing businesses that may experience large influxes of traffic or sales during specific times of the year. You can sleep sound at night knowing your website will perform with ease!

    Solid State Drives Protected With Raid

    High Speed Hosting

    A lot of web hosting companies’ still sell servers using cheap, old-school hard drives that have many moving pieces and are known to fail. All of our VPS Hosting packages use Solid State Drives (SSD) protected by Raid for redundancy. If you’re moving from another server that doesn’t use SSD, you’ll notice a tremendous speed different when it comes to reading/ writing data. With Raid protection, all of your data is written simultaneously to another drive, meaning if there’s ever a failure, we have you covered.

    We Hate Downtime Here At SkyHost

    We’ve spent over two decades working online so we know the significance of downtime! We provide a reliable Cloud Dedicated Infrastructure that’s always online, regardless the load to your website. Leveraging top of the line hardware and software on our own private cloud has given us the unique ability to achieve 99.9% uptime. Rest assured we have taken every step necessary to keep your Cloud Dedicated Server online around the clock to provide your business the redundancy it depends on!

    How to Deploy A cloud Dedicated Server

  • • Click above to Deploy your Server Instance
  • • Confirgure the Server and Make payment
  • • Access server control panel
  • • Login to NodeWorx
  • • Assign IP addresses and create your custom name servers
  • • Register your name servers with your domain registrar
  • • Create your first Web hosting account
  • • Update your DNS Settings to point the domain to the server
  • • Enjoy your high speed dedicated cloud server!

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