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A robust eCommerce website serves as the foundation of your online retail business, and SkyHost understands the importance of utilizing the latest technology to maximize profitability. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining agile and completely customizable. Our team will discuss any custom functionality needs to tailor a solution that matches your brand and eCommerce goals.

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Drive sales Across All Devices

We create mobile,tablet and Deskop responsive eCommerce websites, Ensuring usability across mutiple devices allowing you to drive sales and conversions on mobile, tablet and Desktop

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Easily Manage your content and Scale

You can easily edit and update your eCommerce website content with our user freindly CMS Platforms.Easily add products, pages, Categories,articles,blog , images and banner

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Payment Gateway intergration

We will intergrate Popular payment Gateways to Your eCommerce Websites Including M-Pesa, Visa/Master Card/Paypal/American Express receive Payments from customers Easily

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eCommerce SEO

We optimize your eCommerce website for higher search engine rankings which means more traffic , convertions, sales and revenue .

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Powerful eCommmerce Marketing Suite

From powerful SEo to running Advertiding Campaings and promotions.We are experts in digital marketing Google , Facebook and youtube Ads, Marketing solutions that increase Sales

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Beautiful Modern Design

We design beautiful eCommerce websites that make your brand stand out online.Dont loose any important client because of an embarassing website

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eCommerce Web Design is the process of creating websites that sell products or services elecronically online

the cost of producing an eCommerce Website will vary depending on the size of the website in terms of pages,categories and products the more the higher the cost.Other special features and customization allters the price
eCommerce websites take anywhere from 4 weeks depending on the number of pages, categories and products
Yes,your eCommerce website will be completely secured.Your data, customers data and all onies are completly secured with out 128 bit Encryption via SSL , the Standard in web security, All our eCommerce are designed with PCI compliance Standards , we recommend not storing credit cars data on your server, By utilizing a 3rd party Gateway Your website can process payments without storing any data
We offer an extensive range of digital marketing sevices including branding and enterprise level customization

We offer SEO and Conversion optimization Solutions that not only drive traffic but actually converts website visitors first into paying customers then into loyal recurring clients

We make it very Easy to edit , update and make changes to your ecommerce store with our easy to use and powerful CMS platforms that lets you add products, categories, pages without any IT knowledge
Yes, we have in the past Decade worked with 30+ CRM and ERP tools intergrating ecommerce websites and order data. A typical intergration allows a customers and order data to automatically be sent from the website to your internal systems. when update are made to the customer order i.e order status is changed to delivered , the ERP will comminicate back to the website. allowing your cusomters to have a better expereince while reducing cost of manual data entry Step 6 – Revisions
Step 7 – Completion.
We allow your website to provide customers with live shipping rate, flat-rates, regional rates e.t.c. We also create custome shipping rules and businss logic for enterprise level eCommerce stores

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What is an eCommerce websites?

Basically it is a site that facilitates online transactions of goods and services over an electronic platform primarily the internet. In the early days the earliest ecommerce transaction took place via email and phone calls.

eCommerce Business Model

  1. • Business to business ecommerce- marketing agencies, professional services, wholesasle goods
  2. • Business to consumers ecommerce – ecommerce stores, physical products, information products, food and beverage
  3. • Consumer to consumer ecommerce
  4. • Business to consumer
  5. • Consumer to business
  6. • Print on demand – here you sell your design on custom products. No need for inventory
  7. • Your own product- you make, package and ship your own product on your own.
  8. • Private labelling –this is where you have a proven product idea that you want to sell with your own brand. You take them to a manufacturer for production and sell it with your
  9. • Subscriptions
  10. • Dropshipping


Have you ever purchased something off the internet? Yes? Well then you’ve played an active role in the world of commerce; a world that requires no physical cash to complete a transaction and sees goods conveniently delivered directly to you or to any of your pick up point.

Consumers can easily buy services and products like newspaper and airline tickets through the internet

Ecommerce- is the process of a customer shopping online and processing their payment, making money transfers and data through the internet. This network allows people to do business with no barrier of distance and time. The explosion of ecommerce has created new changes in our lifestyles especially in shopping activities.

How do ecommerce websites operate?

  1. 1. At the comfort of your sit the customer place an order through the ecommerce website.
  2. 2. The web server connects to its database and process the order information. The website requests this order to the web manager.
  3. 3. If the item is in stock the order manager processes it.
  4. 4. The customer completes the checkout process and finalizes the transactions.
  5. 5. The merchant system communicates to the customer to make payment using a shopper credit card.
  6. 6. Once the transaction has been authorized and the order is complete, the order manager notifies the system the order is complete.
  7. 7. The delivery process takes place. The order fulfilment team engage to ensure delivery time for the shopper.

Pros of ecommerce business

  1. 1. Expand markets- you can expand on your existing markets and develop new ones. You can sell to customers on national and international vices. There are no barriers.
  2. 2. Reduce costs
  3. 3. Customer service - customers testimonials can be published on your site
  4. 4. Reduced paperwork
  5. 5. Increased productivity
  6. 6. Brand awareness
  7. 7. Can encourage impulse buying
  8. 8. Easy to showcase impulse buyers

How to Market ecommerce websites

  1. 1. Have a SEO strategy- SEO is the process of improving your website ability to rank in search engines for keywords.
  2. 2. Create a blog
  3. 3. Use promotions to attract consumers
  4. 4. Use social media sites
  5. 5. Paid advertising for e-commerce
  6. 6. Get your products reviewed
  7. 7. Provide free samples

KPI and important metrics for ecommerce

  1. • Revenue management
  2. • AOV
  3. • Traffic (organic, direct, social, referral)
  4. • Bounce rate
  5. • Conversation rate
  6. • bounce rate
  7. • Traffic gains (organic, paid, referral, etc.) Cart abandonment rate

e-commerce conversation rate optimization

A good ecommerce conversation rate is like a superpower for your business. And if you know how your business performs compared to others, you’re able to adjust your focus. Conversation rate refer to the frequency of conversation achieved among those who visit the website or online store.

Impact of conversion rate for ecommerce

Conversion rate optimization is a three step process

  1. 1. Driving traffic
  2. 2. Analysing data
  3. 3. Making educated decisions and improvements to the design
You can’t optimize conversion rates unless you know who, what, where, and why of your visitors. You can’t optimise what you don’t know. It’s about gathering data. Conversions reveal how visitors engage with your website. You can be profitable with just a small amount of traffic. Which allows you to invest the profit to even get more traffic. The benefits are undeniable.

eCommerce SEO

We offer powerful SEO for eCommerce websites to increase free organic traffic from google and increase sales and leads.Your eCommerce will be found on search engines such as google for pages, categories or products. eCommerce SEO

Process of eCommerce Web Design

  1. 1. Determine your site goal: keep your eye on the ball. What are two or three specific measurable goals my site is to achieve?
  2. 2. Scope definition: building a scope work for a web project is the first step after acquiring a new what web pages and features the site requires to fulfil the goal and the timeline for building those out
  3. 3. Create your site map. An ecommerce website typically can contain mutiple thousand pages and clients need a map of your site to help navigate it all
  4. 4. Add in your content: there’s no denying that content is king and one of the main reason people visit your means we can start creating content for the individual pages making sure SEO keep pages focused on a single topic. It will be necessary for your net steps too.
  5. 5. Visual elements: with the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual brand. Its important that you understand how to be found, what platforms to target and how to utilise your content.
  6. 6. Testing of the website for errors and bugs which are fixed before eCommerce website is launched online
  7. 7. Showtime: go live- once everything is working beautifully you can plan and carry out your site launch!