Registering your domain name is the first step in setting up your busines online presence.Even if you dont itend to create a website now , its adversible to register your domain now to reserve and secure your brands identity and prevent your brands domain name from being registered by unethical competitors to keep you from success.

Domain Registration in Kenya


What you need to know about domain names

Any business that is serious about having a presence online is going to need their own website, and the first step to having a solid presence online is choosing the right domain name for your website.

  • A domain name is your website name.
  • A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website.
  • A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet.
Computers use IP addresses, which are a series of number. However, it is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers. Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, and it can be used in combination of the various domain name extensions, such as;

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The domain name must be registered before you can use it. Every domain name is unique. No two websites can have the same domain name. If someone types in, it will go to your website and no one else’s. With Skyhost, we offer cheap domain names, check out the cheapest domain prices in Kenya. Professional emails at your domain name that can also help you boost your credibility and build your brand.
A domain name is a name that uniquely identifies a website or brand online. It works a bit like a Physical Address. For instance, our office location is Philedaphia house building, 3rd floor. This address would help you come directly to our office without asking for directions. Just like a physical address, a domain name helps users come directly to your online address (Your Website or email address) without requiring any other directions.



A website is a collection of webpages that display content. This content can include text, as well as multimedia content such as images and videos. The domain name is the name where the people can go to access the website. It works like an address that pinpoints to the website. The internet can be a vast and confusing place, where everyone wants to be a part of it but have no idea how it works. Many people want to create a website or a blog, some because that is what makes them happy, others because they dream of quitting their job and working for themselves One first needs to get a domain name and get it registered.


The domain name is the name where. the people can go to access the website. A website is a place; in order to access this place, one needs the address, which is what the domain name basically is. The website is stored in a server, which has an IP address. In order to access the website, one would need to use the IP address, for example, such as So in order to access the website, one would need to go to, which is not easy to remember at all. Hence, the website might not get enough visits. However, the website owner can create a domain name to easily access the website, for example, It will lead to the same website but will be easier to remember.
The domain name acts as an address which allows one to find places, such as a house, rather than telling someone the longitude and latitude of the house. Your domain name is your business’s identity online. This means that if you have done a good job in choosing a domain name that accurately and effectively describes the products and services you provide, you will succeed in gaining more customers online. Conversely, if your domain name is confusing or does not accurately describe the kind of services you have your potential customers are likely to be put off and fail to visit your website just based on your domain name.


Apparently, you are an IT officer of a certain financial institution in Kenya which requires you to come up with an appropriate domain name for the company’s website, or you are an entrepreneur looking for a domain name for your start-up in Kenya. Domain name in this context is your online identity, the means through which your customers finds you. Therefore, an ideal domain name should match your brand name for easy access by your clients.

For instance, if your brand name is “SKYHOST”, then would be an ideal domain name. Similarly for a blogger or a designer who would wish to be identified by their real names, using your name as the domain name is equally important. When choosing a domain name, you need to be careful since you are determining how your business will be identified online.

Your domain name is your online identity and the choice of name can greatly affect how your website performs. A poorly picked domain name would make clients get lost and not know if this your business or someone else that has registered the same name.


Vital steps in choosing a domain name in Kenya today!

Step 1:Choosing a good domain name

What I mean by that is you need to figure out how many other websites are trying to rank for those terms. As an example, Smith Chiropractic. As of today if you do a search on Google for “Smith Chiropractic” you get 61,100 results. That does not necessarily mean that there are that many businesses with that name, but that is the number of results you will have to compete with. So, put quotes around your business name and see what you are up against. There is a fine line between too broad and too specific.

Step 2:Copyright laws

Unfortunately, the burden is on you and you need to conduct a fairly exhaustive search. Use the search engines as well as the federal trademark database.

Step 3:Choice of business name.

If you are to have any hope of keeping your domain name consistent for years to come, your business name needs to remain the same as well. In this case, an easy to remember and brandable name.


A domain name is the most important factor for your business that helps to improve the ranking of the website in search engine results like keyword in the domain name, domain age, and domain authority. This is the essential factors of a domain that can also help in SEO. As a business owner, it’s not uncommon to spend a great deal of time deciding what name you want to use for your company. Ideally, you want to choose one that represents your brand while also appealing to your target market. A name that, when people hear it, it makes them want to do business with you. If you’re online at all, then you likely already know that SEO (search engine optimization) is critical to being found. This is true not only for the content on your web pages but also your domain name.
Skyhost Kenya recommends using your business name as your domain name, further reinforcing your brand. Additionally, if you can incorporate the top keywords your consumer base would use when looking for services you offer, that’s even better yet. Imagine that you’re searching online for a local company that provides cleaning services and you find two options: One that has the URL and one with the URL Which one would you be more inclined to do business with?


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  • or
  • Domain Registration in Kenya
A domain name consists of two parts: a top-level domain (TLD) and a second-level domain (SLD). In the domain name, the TLD is “” and the SLD is “Biashara.” The “http” and “www” are not part of the domain name; rather, they are part of the entire web address, called a URL. Some other examples of TLDs include .com. biz, .net and .org.

While .com is an international TLD, dot ke ( is classified as a Country-code TLD (ccTLD) that is specific to Kenya with the sponsoring institution being the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC). Therefore, when choosing your domain name, you should only be concerned with the TLD and SLD. Seeing that you now have an idea of what a domain name is, here are a few tips that can help you choose the right combination of a TLD and SLD for your business.

Grab a .com first: The .com TLD (top-level domain) is by far the most widely accepted extension for a domain name. For obvious reasons, it is also the easiest to remember. When you tell someone to go to your site, in most cases they are going to think “name/business” so try to stick with a .com if you can. Definitely grab a If you run a business that is based in Kenya, it can be smart to use a local TLD ( for Kenya). Make sure the .com is not taken first. It’s also a good idea to have both names otherwise you can easily market a business that is owned by someone else with a similar business name.


When you’re planning to buy a domain name, you may wonder if the one you purchase should be long or short. There are different advantages to each. We’ll start with long domain names. If you can’t really “sum up” what your company does in just one word, or if your brand name is a little vague, you may want to purchase a longer URL to better explain what your purpose is. Let’s say you sell children’s clothing online, and the name of your business is “Pink Boutique.”

To make your purpose and store identity a little clearer, you may choose something like instead of something shorter. Long domain names don’t really prohibit any kind of online sharing as they might have once done: since many popular services now shorten URLs, they don’t take up room in Twitter, or lengthen your shares on Facebook or Google+, so there’s no need to worry about your domain being too long… unless, of course, its more than three or four words. Longer domain names also have a better chance at being unique, especially if they combine words in a different way, so you may have better luck getting your URL of choice registered somewhere.

While generally speaking a short domain name is best, there are some exceptions to this guideline you should bear in mind. The “short is good” mantra is true to a degree, but registration of a short address needs to be a decision based on a more holistic approach. For instance, consider these two examples of web addresses left of the dot.

Good, short web addresses are becoming very hard to find in.COM; but you may have better luck trying to find and register domain names of a reasonably short length that are still available. If you can’t find a suitable short domain name – don’t panic. There’s nothing wrong with longer domain names either, but some of the basic rules apply

A domain must be:

Don’t go overboard on length though – very long addresses can look rather spammy and that leads us to another related issue that will become increasingly important – web usage on mobile devices.


Navigating the world of domain names can be a daunting task if you’re not up to speed on how to get one. With countless caveats and hosting companies here in Kenya and the world out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed or worse, make a mistake that could ultimately cripple your business. Don’t take a gumble with your business go with the best register skyhost
Web hosting in Kenya has been on the rise, therefore, you should think critically about the name of your domain. Do not use dashes, abbreviations or numbers in your domain name. Instead, come up with a catchy name that’s easy to remember and captures your business Despite the very best of branding intentions, bad domains happen a lot. You already know several things to avoid: Domain name should not be too long, should not be hard to type and should not be too bland. Additionally, don’t accidentally string together words that could create other, possibly unsavory, phrases.
Apparently, the company has realized that the world at large isn’t clamoring to partner with an it scrap firm and changed its URL to Some sites try to hitch their domain name wagon to someone else’s well-established branding star. Sure, may trick a few people into calling on you because they assume you are HootSuite. However, this tactic can quickly backfire and become a major nuisance. Be original and let your unique name build its own online marketing momentum.


When you don’t pay for a domain name in Kenya, the domain name goes through a number of stages:

  • 1.Pre- Expiry Reminder: First, you will be sent a reminder 30 days to the renewal date. This email will give you a chance to pay for the domain name without losing access to it.
  • 2.Redemption Period: Second, once the due date hits without payment being made, the domain name expires and you receive an email telling you that the domain name has gone into redemption. What this means is that the domain name is still yours but you are not able to use it or the emails associated with it. Within this time, if you pay for the domain name, your services will be restored back to the way they were.
  • 3. Data Deletion and Domain Public Availability: 30 days after the due date, the name goes back to the public domain where it can be bided for and bought by anyone.

It is now in the public domain and can be bought by any of your competitors or anyone who thinks they would benefit from holding your domain. At the same time, your hosting account gets frozen and your data is deleted from the servers. I would advise that you backup all your data before allowing your account to get to this state because you may not be able to recover anything from this account after this period ends.

Each domain name has its own registration and expiration date. Most domain names can be registered for a period from 1 to 10 years. They can be renewed, if necessary, while they are still active or reactivated after their expiration date. The Domain Registry marks any domain name as expired when the expiration date first begins. Once this happens, the domain name is then moved to skyhost parking name servers.

Here, the respective website and its mail service will cease to work. The majority of these expired domain names will remain in your sky host account for 30 days after the initial expiration date. Buying a domain name does not entitle you to that domain forever. If you register domain names and you must renew their registration, similar to how you would lease an apartment or a car. If a domain does not get renewed, then it will go back into the wild where it then has a chance to be snatched up by someone else. Once a domain name expires, it goes through many stages before being released to the open market.

Where should I buy a domain name in Kenya? In Kenya today, web hosting has been growing gradually. When choosing a registrar to buy your domain name you need to consider a few questions

  • 1.Does the domain name registrar also offer web hosting?
  • 2.Is the Webhosting that they provide of good quality?
  • 3.Do they provide 24/7 support to their clients?
  • 4.Do they charge extra hidden fees on top of the advertised price?
  • 5.Is their service automated and will you receive automated emails reminder notifications when your domain name is about to expire?

Once you find satisfactory answers to these questions then you can choose a domain registrar that has the best price with the best value. Sky host provides high-quality web hosting and some of the cheapest domain name prices in Kenya. Check out our domain name prices on and check out our hosting packages on Our services have received some really excellent reviews on google and we provide 24/7 support to all our clients.

Should I buy an extra domain name for my business?

Many of our skyhost clients ask this question.

Without really understanding how domains and search engines work, they are spending money on multiple domain names that may not benefit them at all. So what’s the deal with multiple domains and how many should you purchase for your website?

Web hosting in Kenya requires tactical procedures to keep your business in check. When you are a small business you may not make financial sense for you to buy all the domain name extensions for your particular domain name. For example, if you own, give it may not make sense to also by,, and so on. This is because each domain name would become a recurrent expenditure that you’d have to pay for every year and if your brand name is not well established this may be quite unnecessary.

On the other hand, if you are a large business that already has an established brand name, it may be very useful to purchase all the domain name extensions in order to prevent competition from using them. Yes, you absolutely can have multiple domain names, but you don’t want them to resolve or be indexed by Google. To prevent that you set up a 301-redirect or “forward” the domain to the “real” domain. If you 301-redirect a domain, it will never be indexed, because the “301 error” is a message to Google that “sorry, this URL doesn’t exist, here’s the ‘real’ one you should pay attention to.”