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Domain Registration in Kenya

Registering your domain name is the first step in setting up your busines online presence.

Domain Name Registration in Kenya

kenya Domain Registration

.ke is the top level country domain for kenya.kenya has one of the highest internet penetration rates attributed to the affordability of data bundles and high speed optic Fiber internet. KENIC is the registrant Responsible for the management of the countrys TLD. KE domains can be registered through Kenics accredited Registar such as skyhost. Register a kenyan domain name for your business and give your brand a kenyan identity , host a website and send emails with a proffesional Email Adress

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Domain Registration & Buying Domains FAQs

A domain name is your website name. A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website. A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses, which are a series of number. However, it is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers. Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, and it can be used in combination of the various domain name extensions A domain name consists of two parts: a top-level domain (TLD) and a second-level domain (SLD). In the domain name Biashara.co.ke, the TLD is “.co.ke” and the SLD is “Biashara.” The “http” and “www” are not part of the domain name; rather, they are part of the entire web address, called a URL. Some other examples of TLDs include .com. biz, .net and .org.

There are no Special requirments needed for .co.ke domain registration its open to registration by both kenyans and Foreigners in and outside kenya. Where Restrictions apply domain name Trustee service can be setup for additional fees

  • .co.ke – for Kenyan commercial companies
  • .me.ke – for personal use or a blog
  • .or.ke – for non-profit making organizations in Kenya
  • .ne.ke – for network entities in Kenya
  • .mobi.ke - for Mobile websites
  • .info.ke - for information

Kenya Domain Names that Require Supporting Documents

  • .ac.ke – for Kenyan academic institutions of Higher Learning
  • Requires Certificate of Entity Registration From the relevant Ministry, collge charter or Act of parliament, Documents must classify Institution as Tertiary,Technical institute, Polytechnic, university and college

  • .sc.ke – for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools
  • Requires Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Education, Document should classify Entity as Kindergaten , primary or secondary school

  • .go.ke – for Government of Kenya entities
  • Requires Supporting Documents From the Department of Goverment It services At the Finance Ministry.You will be issued with an Authorithy letter to show that the entity is a valid Goverment Agency or institution and has authorization to register the domain Name

    Government Infromation Technology Services Contacts

    Call +254 20 225 2299

    Grab a .com first: The .com TLD (top-level domain) is by far the most widely accepted extension for a domain name. For obvious reasons, it is also the easiest to remember. When you tell someone to go to your site, in most cases they are going to think “name/business name.com” so try to stick with a .com if you can. Definitely grab a .co.ke: If you run a business that is based in Kenya, it can be smart to use a local TLD (.co.ke for Kenya). Make sure the .com is not taken first. It’s also a good idea to have both names otherwise you can easily market a business that is owned by someone else with a similar business name
    When , you register your domain name with skyhost you get acess to skyhost user freindly client area where you can manage your existing domains, Nameservers, Dns Settings or even transfer in New Domain names
    Yes, you absolutely can have multiple domain names, it may be very useful to purchase all the domain name extensions in order to prevent competition from using them.you can also register .africa .rw .ug .tz for regional expansions or for sister concerns , you can also deploy different types of web applications on different domains depending on your company needs

    Do not use dashes, abbreviations or numbers in your domain name. Instead, come up with a catchy name that’s easy to remember and captures your business.Domain name should not be too long, should not be hard to type and should not be too bland. Additionally, don’t accidentally string together words that could create other, possibly unsavory, phrases,Be original and let your unique name build its own online marketing momentum.

    yes, you need bpth a domain name and web hosting to have a website, they are attached at the hip you can have a website without both a domain and web hosting

    When you register a domain name, you are reserviong exclusive access for your visitors to use that web address to find you online. But if you want to actually put up a website at that address, you need domain hosting. Domain hosting is the service used to store all of the files that make up your website

    Think of domain names and domain hosting as a physical shop. A domain name is like renting an address for a plot of land. It's your plot of land for as long as you keep paying your rent. At the end of the day though, it's still just a plot of land. You still need walls, windows, doors and a roof for your shop. These are the files, databases, images and videos that your website consists of. This is your domain hosting. Without domain hosting, you can't have a website.

    dot ke (.co.ke) is classified as a Country-code TLD (ccTLD) that is specific to Kenya with the sponsoring institution being the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC).While .com is an international TLD, Both Domain Name wrk exaclty the same and can be acessed from anywhere in the world ,.KE domains give your business that kenyan identity
    your business requires to register a domain name to create custom company emails such as irene.munai@skyhost.co.ke which are essential for branding and required by Government during tender applications. is aslo essentials for your business website, A domain name is your online address that allow investors,customers,employees and suppliers to find and communicate with you
    DNS domain name system contains DNS servers which transulate domain names i.e skyhost.co.ke into ip adresses which machines can understand.it helps keep it easy for humans to rember links/url to web resources compared to having to remeber ip adresses of all the websites you visit.bascally works like a phone book for the internet transulating domain names into ip adress as phone books transulate names into phone numbers

    Thousands of satisfied clients from over 25 countries worldwide ; here are a few examples

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    What Makes Skyhost The Best Domain Registration Company?

    Are you looking to buy domain names? Skyhost Kenya is your ultimate domain name registrar! We offer easy, fast and affordable domain registrations for all of the most popular TLDs and ccTLDs! Plus premium domain names. If you however prefer a niche extension for your website, we’ve got you covered there as well with hundreds of options to choose from. Get started now and you'll get access to all of the best domain features! You'll get free DNS management, our ID protection option, free domain theft protection and much more. All this Backed By our amazing 24/7 customer support team. If you have any domain registration questions? We're on standby to help! Just contact them via live chat, email or give us a call. We are always happy to help!

    What is A domain

    A web domain is the name given to identify your website. The domain name is what you enter into your browser to visit a website. For instance, to visit Sky Host, you enter the domain name, skyhost.co.ke into your browser. Feel free to register your domain name with Sky Host today and get started on your website.

    What is DNS

    A web domain is the name given to identify your website. The domain name is what you enter into your browser to visit a website. For instance, to visit Sky Host, you enter the domain name, skyhost.co.ke into your browser. Feel free to register your domain name with Sky Host today and get started on your website.

    What are TLDs and ccTLDs?

    Each domain name has a dot (.); the part that follows it is the Top Level Domain (TLD). Some examples include; .com, .org, .biz amongst others. The TLDs represent information relevant to the website. A commercial website may use .com which stands for commercial. On the other hand, ccTLDs are country code top level domains which are designed to show sites that are located or associated with a certain territory. A common Kenyan ccTLD is .ke which shows that the site is located in Kenya or has an association with Kenya. It is however not necessary that a ccTLD symbolizes association to a particular country. Some such as .tv shows association to the country Tuvalu, but is generally used by media and television websites. With ccTLDs, there are second level domains such as, .co.ke, mainly for business in Kenya. These second level ccTLDs give further insight into the use for the website. There are ways to make domain names easily memorable through the use of domain hacks. Using a domain hack, one could create a full word or phrase when combining the domain name with the TLD, making it easy to remember. I could use the TLD .me for Montenegro and combine it with ‘aweso’ to create the domain aweso.me making it easy for my audience to remember.

    What is Domain Registration

    Domain Name Registration is the process of reserving your website’s name for a specified period of time. You are the domain registrant while the company (Sky Host) that helps you with your domain registration is the domain registrar. When you visit Sky Host to have your domain name registered, we check the registry which manages each TLD option. Since each TLD has its own registry, we shall check with the specific TLD that you are interested in registering to find out whether it is available or not. If it is available, the registry adds it to their registry and you are given access to it. If the domain name has already been registered by another user, you are notified that it is unavailable at that particular time. In many countries, there is a Network Information Centre that is in charge of all these registration processes. The Network Information Centre has all the data with regards to domain names that are registered and their IP addresses. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) creates and manages the procedures for Internet namespaces.

    Buying a Domain Name- How to Pick the Perfect One.

    • 1. Consider a shorter Domain Name.
    • A short and precise domain name makes it easier to remember, to type into the computer and to market via word of mouth. The domain name ‘verydeliciousfoods.com’ may be a good name for a recipe service provider but the domain name ‘tasty.com’ is better because it is easier to remember and type into the browser as well as to market it by word of mouth.

    • 2. Protect Your Domain Name By Registering Its Other TLD Alternatives.
    • Once you have registered your domain name, the next step would be to protect it from any competitors you may have. You may wonder how you can achieve this. The trick is to register your domain name with other TLD options. You may use the TLD .net, .us, .io and others. This helps to protect you from competitors who might use your domain name but with other TLD options. It also helps in maintaining your customer base in the case that they type in a different TLD; they will still be led to your services.

      People can also scoop up the alternative TLDs and try and sell them to you at higher prices. Protect your domain name and register with different TLDs with Sky Host.

    • 3. Consider Using A Creative Domain Hack
    • If the domain name that you had set your eyes has already been registered, do not worry. Domain hacks provide a creative way out for you to have a unique domain name. They build in the TLD into the domain name, for instance, ‘aweso.me, CoolC.at and Gamb.it.

    • 4. Make Your Domain Name Your Memorable Brand Name.
    • Your brand name is probably eye-catching, easy to remember and simple. Your brand name is unique to you. Using it as a domain name would enable your customers to easily find it and easily type it into the computer.

    • 5. Register Common Domain Name Misspellings.
    • Even though your domain name could be short and unique to you by brand, other problems such as misspellings may still occur. To avoid loss of traffic to your website, it is wise to register the misspelling alternatives. This helps you to forward any audience that misspells your domain to your correct domain, thus retaining your traffic.

    • 6. Check The Legality Of Your Domain Name
    • Nobody wants the stresses that come from infringing a copyright or trademark. To prevent this from happening to you, it is advisable to run your desired domain name through trademark and copyright databases to ensure you are legally allowed to register it. Using your few minutes to do this search could save you from a lot of potential stresses in the future.

    • 7. Check The History Of The Domain Before Registering It
    • There is a probability that the domain you want to register may have been previously owned by another website. To this end, it is vital to ensure that the website identified by the previously owned domain name did not have anything illegal, controversial or that goes against your preferred tastes.

      The Wayback machine is an archive of all websites. A search in the Wayback machine would show whether your domain name had a website in the past. The information from the Wayback machine can help you in deciding whether you still want to register that domain name despite its past links, affiliations and content from the previous website. This is important for branding purposes and reputation purposes.

    • 8. Avoid Hyphens(-)On Your Domain Name
    • The use of the hyphen in your domain name may not seem like a bad thing at first, especially when you want to differentiate your domain name from an already registered domain name. However, use of hyphens in your domain name makes it hard to share your domain name and to remember it as well. It is difficult to market your website by word of mouth, take, for instance, if we included a hyphen in the domain sky-host.co.ke. It would be such a tiresome having to explain ‘sky dash host.co.ke’ to customers. Does it not sound much better without the dash? It also ensures that traffic is not lost to one of the other competing websites.

    • 9. Set Your Domain To Auto Renew.
    • Remember that domain registration happens only for a specific period of time? Well, this is the reason why you should set your domain to auto renewal. Once the one year period for which your domain expires, your domain automatically is available for the general public to register. Imagine having done a lot of work on the website, having thousands of your customers identify you by the domain name then forgetting to renew it. Somebody else gets to register your domain and ends up taking all your work down the drain.

      To avoid such scenarios, register your domain with Sky Host, making sure to setup automatic renewal for your domain. Once the automatic renewal is turned on, we will send you a renewal invoice ten days before your domain’s expiration date. We are committed to ensuring that your brand remains visible online, register with us and experience this for yourself.

    • 10. Check Availability of Social Media Handles
    • There are over 6000 tweets every second, over half a million comments posted on Facebook every hour. It is more likely that you will get more traffic on your social media than you will on your website. Make sure to check that social media handles for your domain are available for the domain name you want to register, and continue to register hastily.

    • 11. Select an Appropriate TLD
    • There are many TLD options to cater for different purposes. These include specific locations and categories for websites. While .com is a pretty popular option for most websites, there are plenty of other TLDs for you to consider choosing from. These include:

      • .

    • 12. Act Fast! Buy Your Domain Name Before Somebody Else Does.
    • We all have had those mind blowing ideas at some point in our lives. Those that take action mint a lot from their ideas while those that do not end up watching others mint millions from their ideas. Do you have an awesome, unbeatable idea for a website? What are you waiting for? Register now before someone else beats you to it.

      Whenever there are trends or fads going on in the society, hop in on the trend and buy your domain. Only make sure to buy if before someone else does and quickly build your site before the trend passes.

    • 13. Choose A Timeless Domain Name For Your Business.
    • It is wise to choose your domain name with long term considerations in mind. You may want to expand your services and products in the future. If you are starting your fitness program with nutrition first and then later get into exercise, a better TLD would be ‘.fitness’ rather than ‘.nutrition’. This ensures that when the time comes to expand your services and products, you will not have to change your domain and start the branding process again.

      Additionally, you may want to expand your services and products to a global level. In this instance, using a gTLD such as .us may be appropriate for now but not so when you start globally expanding your business. You may still use it and later update it to better match your business as it expands. You could always forward the old domain to the new domain. You could also update your advertisements to match your new domain name. Nonetheless, the brand you might have built over the years might not be so easy to update. It is much better to have solved such an issue before.

    • 14. Choose A Domain Name That Succinctly Explains What You Do
    • First impressions last forever. Your target audience should have a sense of clarity with regards to what your website specializes in. Using a helpful keyword in your domain name will assist your target audience in knowing what you specialize in. It is not fit that your audience is confused by your website or your domain name, this leads to loss of traffic and reduction in bounce and conversion rates.

    • 15. Pay Attention To How A Domain Sounds When You Say It Out Loud
    • Your domain name may look okay when you read it in your head, but have you tried reading it out loud? You should read out your domain name and check to see how it sounds and rolls off your tongue. It should be easy to pronounce and should not sound controversial at all. Using the domain hack system should be done carefully with regards to how the name sounds when said out loud. A useful tip would be asking your honest friends to give you a second opinion to avoid error.

    • 16. Combine A Boring Single Word With An Exciting TLD
    • Sometimes the domain name that best communicates to your audience what you do is boring. For example, your blog could be about planes, having a domain name with the word cakes would be appropriate. To make it memorable, you can combine the word cakes with a fun TLD such as cakes.luxury or cakes.cool. This ensures you have a fun and memorable domain name.

    • 17. Avoid Combining Words That Have the Same First and Late Letter.
    • Let us consider the domain name with the words top and pipe, upon combining, it becomes toppipes.com. There is a double ‘p’ where the words are joined. This can be problematic when users are typing in the domain name in the web browser as it can cause spelling problems. The best way to go about it is to consider domain name that ends and begins in different letters. In this case, it would be bestpipes.com. This is much more user friendly.