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Skyhost has thousands of clients in Kenya and uphold respect for our clients and their businesses. Our standards of award-winning applications are constant no matter who you are. Our team of developers will always brainstorm and think of ways to make your application better and present you with our thoughts and recommendation. We also involve the client throughout the development process because we respect and acknowledge his contribution. Our biggest mantra is that the customer comes first and that is why we put your success as our top priority. Below are several ways that we have packaged ourselves to cater for our clients.

Mobile Apps Development Cost

Skyhost offers among the most competitive low budget and price estimates not only in Kenya but Africa for all our services. We are able to provide such pocket friendly prices sue to our easy, streamlined and efficient application development procedures. We have our developers situated across the various cities hence saving our clients a fortune.

App Store Market Approval

Skyhost will not only develop for you a mobile application but also assist with the compliance of it to meet both Apple’s app store and Android’s play store market list of regulations. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure that your application if fully approved in both Android and IOS app stores.


Skyhost comprehends that having an ideas is one thing but protecting it is another. We ensure that your privacy is our core agenda. We assure our clients of keeping their application details to its last stage. The last thing a client would be expecting is information about their application leaking out to the public. We guarantee our clients of absolute privacy of their ideas and applications

Beautiful App UI Designs

One of our greatest strengths our expert have capitalized on is creating very customer-appealing applications. We strongly focus of UI & UX to ensure that a user’s experience will be excellent..

Project Management

Skyhost believes that time is money. We ensure that your applications will have no bugs and work with your deadline with our refined process of strict time and criteria management.

Clean and Modern Mobile Apps

Each detail of the application is defined clearly with up to date technology before any project starts and delivered to spec

We don’t compromise with the best Mobile App development services


Mobile App Developers in Kenya

Have you or are you seeking professional mobile app developers? Do you have any ideas of an app? Skyhost has the solution. Our objective as a brand & enterprise is to ensure that all your needs and requirements are met when designing and developing your IOS and Android applications. We pride ourselves as the top mobile app development company not only in Kenya but also in Africa. As we aim to reach the global market, we can confidently portray our prowess through the just-in-time manner that we are able to design and create for you a functional mobile application. Our experienced team of developers will guide you through your imagined application concept and convert it to a superb reality. Coming up with your initial app can be a hectic job if you give the task to the wrong developers. At Skyhost, our superb marketing and designer experts have yielded years of experience to come up with award-winning mobile applications services tailored for renowned organizations such as East Africa’s got Talent, Vision Plus, Tata Kenya, Sea Ways, which are just but a few.


We soar with the top giants because of one main reason: Our reputation of being the best IOS and Android mobile application developers in Kenya. This great achievement has been attributed by the fact that we build, design and develop spectacular IOS and Android applications for our esteemed clients. Moreover, we focus on value and quality, tailored specifically for our clients to ensure a return on investment in their businesses. Therefore, we possess the skillset to handle any project that you have in mind. Whether you are thinking of having a new mobile application for your businesses or even for your personal needs, or you need to improve your existing app, Skyhost is here for you. Our professional developers take your application idea and convert it into reality through our simplified process of software development. At Skyhost, Innovation and Invention in tackling projects is key core value. If you’re are thinking of having an application that the world has never seen, then look no further, Skyhost is the place to be. We have developed thousands of mobile applications and hence we can assist you in developing yours.

At the end of the Day, it comes Down to User Experience

Having a mobile application for your business or personal use is only part of the challenge. The other part is user experience; something that Skyhost has invested in. Our user experience for all our products and services have kept us afloat the IT market, separating us from other agencies that offer the same services. We assist our clients to monitor their applications hereby providing valuable data that can help them improve the application depending on how customers are using it and the features they request. In the past, an overwhelming majority of mobile app developers would create an application and leave it at that. In the long run, clients end up frustrated due to this anticlimactic approach. Skyhost implements data-driven approach in mobile development to ensure that your application will gain traction and prominence that is deserves. Additionally, we focus on ensuring that your users will have an exceptional experience as they interact and use your application.

We Develop Both IOS & Android Mobile Apps

Our expertise covers both in Android & iOS app development as well as latest UI & UX features and optimization. It is no longer optional to have seamless integration across each platform. With the rapid release of new devices every now and then, it is crucial to have dynamic expertise that will align with the emerging technology. Skyhost has invested in its developers who will ensure that whatever device a user opts to use, he will have a consistent user experience. Our development process involves a rigorous functionality and compatibility test on a diverse set of devices to make sure we cover all users.

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