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With over 10 years of Search Engine Marketing Skyhost is the SEO agency you can trust to increase rankings, traffic & revenue Growing your business online using proven strategies

Seo in kenya


Search Engine Optimization Services in kenya

Skyhost is one of the best SEO agencies in Africa . We provide our clients with high quality affordable SEO services to improve their business visibility on search engines such as Google. SEO services help your company succeed by increasing search engine rankings resulting to an increase in website traffic, leads and Revenue.

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Fully Managed Account

We handle everything from creating your Google Search Console account, setting up Google Analytics, Keyword Research ,Backlinks and monitoring your performance

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Link Bulding

We will get you Authoritative Baclkinks from relevant Domains/Webpages to help you Rank Higher on Google search results.We adhere to Googles Policy ensuring you do not get penalized or loose your rankings

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Guranteed Results

We Have produced amazing results for our own website and clients, we dont just say this we have included screenshots for the various keywords we have ranked for sucessfully bellow

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Expert Keyword Research

We will find New long tail keywords you can easily rank for, We will also find and Rank keywords your competitors are ranking for and with high search volume giving you a competitive Edge you need in business in order to stay ahead

Seo in kenya

In House Team of SEO Experts

Our team is highly Trained in SEO and has Delivered expectional Results for skyhost and our clients Our Full-Service SEO agency includes designers, developers, and programmers. We have all the resources available in-house to develop and execute the strategies we create.

search Engine Marketing in kenya

Tailor Made SEO strategies

Every company is different and has different goals. Since SEO involves so many other aspects of your marketing initiatives, we'll develop a custom SEO strategy that makes sense.

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Get a free SEO Quotation.

We don’t Compromise with the best SEO services in kenya. Results Dont lie


Seo services in kenya
seo agency in kenya

Thousands of satisfied clients from over 25 countries worldwide ; here are a few examples

SEO in kenya Frenquently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is the process of optimizing a website or webpage to rank higher on google search Engine

Being Found on Google is no longer an option today, Think about it your website is an interactive multimedia advertisement for your business.Before the Advertisement can be effective you have to send it out. With Seo you make it easy for billions of internet web users to find your site and what your business has to offer
Yes & No , SEO is a continous Non-ending process that requires you to continously focus on creating a great user expereicence for your users which Google Algorithim Notice and use as Ranking Factors.The techniques we use comply with all google Terms of service and Gurantee long term search engine Ranking, Not that after Major Google algorithim updates you might see a drop in traffic but this is normal and you should strive to keep your website up to date with Google terms .
Their is a wide variety of factors at play that affect the rankings of your website, including Keyword difficulty, your backlink profile and the age of the website/Domain . However with skyhost typical rankings can be seen between 1-3 months
SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of moving your website up in the organic search results for your target keywords i.e "Dentist in Nairobi". "Organic results' refers to the websites that Google displays because Google algorithmically determines they are the best websites for a given search query. These are not to be confused with paid ads. PPC, short for Pay Per Click, is the process of buying paid ads or search engine results. When you search a keyword or phrase on Google you will see listing that say "Ad" next to them. These are PPC ads and are not organic listings. Each time those ads are clicked the website, owners pays a fee which is determined based on a bidding price model. We can help you to determine which advertising solutions, SEO or PPC, may be best for your business based on your long term and short term goals. We typically advise that your business should leverage both SEO & PPC, as these strategies are effective independently, but can be even more effective when part of a larger, cohesive digital marketing strategy.

These are links linking back to your domain name or website.If a website is blogging about finances having a backlink from a relevant source such as forbes will greatly improve your rankings.Remember only to get links from High authorith website with High Domain Ratings. While Backlink is one of google Most Important Ranking factor , its is against Googles term of service to manipulate backlinks to Rank Higher, Doing so can have Negative Effects on Your website

SEO cost can varry depending on the type of website, number of pages, current Ranking positions , Age of Website , Nummber of backlinks, Number of keywords you intend to target, the cost of Seo in kenya can start from 30,000 to Hire an SEO Expert
Keyword Difficulty is how hard a certain keyword is to rank for, Keyword Difficulty is based on the amount of competition for that keyword. Example the keyword, Buy insurance online is a keyword with a higher keyword difficulty compared to What is insurance as more websites are bidding for. Buy insurance online has a higher Domain Difficulty as more website are bidding for the keyword because they assume a user searching with the key phrase buy has a higher buyer intent and is more likely to convert into a paying customer
SEO can be broken down into two parts Part 1:On page Optimization Involves optimizaing the webpage to rank higher on Google this can include: creating relevant content(Text,images,Videos,Audio,Infographics). Making Sure the Website is mobile freindly. Making sure the Heading Tags H1 ,H2 are optimized. Optimizing Website for Speed Creating the best user Experience Create Valuable informationto users Optimize Title Tags for Higher click through Rates Part 2: Off page Optimization involves techniques Done outside the website to improve the websites rankings this inckudes: Backlinks are basically links linking back to your website or domain name , A website with more backlinks from a powerful website will rank higher on google than a website with no backlinks.
Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). ... This score can then be used when comparing websites or tracking the "ranking strength" of a website over time.

SEO News & Articles

Benefits of seo for your business

  1. • SEO targets Relevant traffic
  2. The advantage of SEO is that you will get targeted traffic by selecting proper keywords. Relevant keywords are able to boost the number of visitors to your website and converting the visitor’s into customers is the art of SEO. The targeted traffic and visibility in search engines will give your products or services recognized by a wide base of customers; who are spread all across the globe

  3. • SEO reaches your target audience
  4. One of the greatest SEO benefits is that you can target audience based on what they want to see and learn when they visit your site. The importance of SEO is that you can target the correct audience. There’s no sense in working to get others to see your business when they are not interested in what you’re selling.

  5. • SEO is Budget Freindly
  6. If you like cost-effective services that are affordable, then SEO is right for your company. SEO is a cost-effective solution that requires minimum capital for the exposure of the website. with robust SEO methods, the website is getting good credibility and exposure on the internet along with elevated online presence. Compare to any traditional form of advertising such as print , radio or tv with SEO you can Reach Billions of users Worldwide (more than all oter advitersing Channels Combined ) 24/7 365 days a year at the fraction of the cost of traditional media

Factors to consider when choosing an SEO Agency

  1. 1. What sites they have made rank? Lots of people talk a good game but haven’t actually made clients sites rank.

  2. 2. Can they show you evidence of organic search traffic that they improved for a client? This should be simple to do via Google analytics.

  3. 3. Are they specialists in SEO for your industry or vertical?

  4. 4. Who will be doing the day to day work on your seo campaign?

  5. 5. Cient POrtforlio: What Clients Have they Worked with in the past.

Powerful SEO steps to improve a web site’s ranking

its all starts with strategy.we start our process by understanding your goals. At skyHost, we focus on what will provide the most impact and move your company forward. every design decision is grounded in research that supports the goals of our clients.

  1. • Focus on content.
  2. There is no doubt that a well written content will make a whole lot of difference to your business, You must have keyword-rich, authoritative content on all of your pages. The content shouldn’t be stuffed and fluffed with spam, but it should be genuine, creative, and relevant!

  3. • Google analytics
  4. Google analytics allows you to track how often a visitor visits your site, how long they stay on each page, which pages they like which pages they bounce off of, what pages are not getting visits, what pages are getting visitors from Google etc. Whereas Google search console shows you which articles are getting impressions

  5. • Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions Optimization
  6. Optimize your websites Meta Descriptions and Meta tags to Make i relevent for the keyword you want to rank for , also create Meta Tags that entice people to click , the higher the CTR the higher the rankings.

  7. • Local citations
  8. The most key parts of citations include the NAP information: name, address and phone number where one can find a business information. This include sites like city search, yelp, Facebook, yelp, apple maps, foursquare

  9. • How to build backlinks
  10. Link building is a super important part of search engine optimization. Getting reputable, relevant, and well respected websites (by Google’s standards) to link back to your site will dramatically improve your Google ranking.

  11. • Google maps seo
  12. Google maps listing needs to be optimized for keywords phrases that are relevant to your niche offerings. If you’re operating a business with physical location you need to have this done.

Our clients include some of the biggest names in large organizations. With over a decade of hard work we’ve built it all. Where we are going next is your choice. So tell us, what do you want to build?