Social Media Marketing and Social Management Agency.

Develop, grow and expand your brand through a social media campaign built to drive engagement, sales and leads.

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Why Choose Us

Work With a Professional Social Media Marketing Agency When you choose Skyhost for your social media marketing needs, you will get to partner with an expert social media team that has had over 10 years of experience in the field. We use powerful social media marketing tools and have access to analytical data to come up with a custom made plan for your brand and its goals. Our leadership in the providence of effective SEO, PPC advertising and other key digital marketing strategies shall be an additional advantage to your brand. We are set apart in this social media marketing industry by our success in developing elaborate plans across all of your business’ digital channels.

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Whats included in the Social Media Management Service

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Social Research..

In customizing our social media marketing to your brand audience, we conduct demographic research to understand your audience to keyword research to better target it. We are not only skilled at this, but also have the tools and experience required to arm your social media campaign with data driven strategies. Using carefully researched data to suit your audience has relatively high chances of making your brand visible online, doesn’t it? Tip, it does!.

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Building Influencer Lists.

We find the big social media influencers on all social media platforms that have been proven to reach your audience. We form a group of such social media influencers relevant for your brand and then, we ensure, with their help, that your brand reaches your audience. Call us and see us work like magic to have your brand visible to your audience..

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Social Media Ad Creation.

Be assured that every aspect of your social media ad creation will be handled by an expert, including creation of the graphics and design to writing ad copy. This allows us to take care of every face of your ad creation with a great and keen eye for detail..

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Social Media Marketing.

We are all about converting your visitors to your customers. With social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, we remarket to all those who have been exposed to your brand but are yet to convert into customers or potential leads. We are persistent and sometimes, the second time or third time is the charm, right?

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Monthly Reporting

We believe in our strategies and team work. Every month, we shall provide your team with a detailed social media report to help your evaluate our success. Contained in this report are exactly what we have accomplished and the progress as a result of these accomplishments. This ensures that your get value for your money and creates confidence in our customers for our services. After all, we are all about the results and not merely the strategies only.

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Conversion Tracking and ROI Analysis.

After establishing your Google AdWords account, our road to helping you achieve your highest return on your investment has begun. Our analysis on historical data on what has worked before and what didn’t helps us to tailor all parts to perform at their peak level in terms of conversions. We tailor by changing bidding options, keywords, ad text and destination links to align with the goals we have set each month for your account..

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Request a free Social Media Campaign Estimate.

Each business has its own needs and goals. As such, each social media marketing campaign is different even with its goals. We come up with a social media marketing plan for your success. Complete the form below or call us on our customer care lines and emails. We are available 24/7.

Social Media Marketing Services.

These include:
 Social media account /profile creation,configuration and branding.
 Strategy Development and planning across all platforms
 Content creation and publishing
 Social media calendar creation and scheduling
 Demographic Research and Analysis
 Keyword Research
 Consulting and Education

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How Does Social Media Campaign Management Work?

Paid Social Media Campaigns.

Paid social media campaigns provide marketers with the ability to engage an audience with razor sharp focus. Social Media platforms have user data that you can use to advantage your business. This can be done through paid social media ads as part of your digital marketing strategy. Paid social media advertising can provide an almost instantaneous source of highly qualified traffic.

Social Media Influencer Marketing.

We work with social media influencers that we have determined through extensive industry research to be influential in your niche and industry. We do this by developing a plan for outreach and work out strategy to network and leverage with such influencers.

Viral Social Content.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word viral? That’s right, many, many people. Now, imagine creating viral content specifically tailored for your audience .Your business could become popular overnight and for a long time. At Skyhost, we create viral content through thorough planning, timing, foresight and creativity to ensure that the content goes viral and that it achieves the intended results. Our content is highly shareable and entices readers to share it. Viral social media content drives traffic to your business for years.

Monthly Maintenance.

We perform a monthly maintenance audit of all of your business’ social media active platforms to ensure that everything goes as planned and runs swiftly.