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Are you looking for a results driven Web design company ? We build professional websites that drive leads and sales.

  1. -In House Website Developers & Website Designers
  2. -Data Intergration & Custom Functionality
  3. -Easily Manage, Add & Update Your Website Content

Web design in kenya
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Best website design agency in kenya

Great web design is an art. One that starts with a concept that becomes a plan, which becomes a ‘build’. This assemblage of electronic files eventually becomes a website.

Good web design is not easy. It requires the balancing of layout, colours, text styles, structure, graphics, images and use of interactive features to create a site visitors will want to explore.

SkyHost makes the web design creation process simple. You don’t need to know your code. You don’t need to be a designer. All you need is desire to grow your business. We’ll work with your team to understand your goals and provide solution to match.

Its time you work with a website design company that delivers results..

  • In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and during the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide
  • As of January 2021 there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide - 59.5 percent of the global population. Is your brand tapping into this huge market?
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Process of developing a website

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its all starts with strategy.we start our process by understanding your goals. At skyHost, we focus on what will provide the most impact and move your company forward. every design decision is grounded in research that supports the goals of our clients.

  •  Usability testing gauges how users interact with designs to help our team strategically place elements throughout the page.

  •  Next, we construct a sitemap that serves as the architecture for your site. Each page is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of your very unique business.

  •  Next, our highly skilled team create a number of wireframes to show off the carefully planned vision. If the client is impressed we’re off to the races. Filling the canvas with high quality images and actionable texts, our design team builds a website that is strategically designed to achieve results.

  •  Our client are provided a functional specification document that explains exactly how the new website enhances the user experience and maximizes business leads

  •  The web design comes to life in the development stage. With strong strategies in place and approved design which is thoroughly tested for functionality and responsive design before and after the target launch date.

  • Our clients include some of the biggest names in large organizations. With over a decade of hard work we’ve built it all. Where we are going next

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    Get your brand online in days not months

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    Web Design Services

    Types of web design

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    eCommerce Web Design

    We offer powerful eCommerce websites that are fully packed with robust features to skyrocket your online store. Tap into the huge online market and sell more products to more people in more markets.

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    Website Maintenance

    How does your website look? is it fast? Would you like to send your most important client to it? Dont loose any more clients because of an embrassing website. Request a website maintenance quote.

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    Wordpress Web Design

    We design beautifully stunning wordpress websites,from blogs to business websites,custom wordpress themes, plugins, layouts and more

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    Custom Web design

    We develop bespoke websites and web applications from scratch taloring every module to your need.Betting sites,taxi hailing web apps, insurance web app & more

    Web Design Features

    Mobile Responsive

    Responsive sites are flexible and “fluid”, and automatically adjust to the width of the screen.Over 80% of internet users use mobile phones, dont leave this market share untapped

    Google Analytics

    Keep track of your site performance by harnessing the power of google analytics to better understand your website visitors,where they come from e.t.c to help you improve

    Easy Maintainance

    All our sites are built on cms platforms such as wordpress making it super easy for you to update your site easily at no extra cost

    SEO Ready

    We optimize your website for high search engine rankings via keyword targeted metatags and meta descriptions.

    Social Media Integration

    We understand the need for brands to connet to thier customers via social media.We will intergrate popular social media websites to your website.

    Beautiful Design

    We design beautiful websites that make your brand stand out online.Dont loose any important client because of an embarassing website

    best Web-design in kenya

    Get an Estimate for Website Design Services

    We understand your web project is unique and your business has personalized needs. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a custom pricing estimate. Or if you would like to discuss your project over the phone, call us at +254727462320. we are open 8 am - 6 pm

    Thousands of satisfied clients from over 25 countries worldwide ; here are a few examples

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    Web design F.A.Qs

    You own the rights to your website and can move to another agency at any time, we wont penalize you for it

    Web design is the process of creating a websites, it involves several aspects , creating layouts, web graphics and web content.
    Step1:Register A domain name with an acredited Registar
    Step2:Buy Web hosting from a reliable web host company
    Sep3:Hire a professional website developer
    A website allows you to get more visibility for your brand from the massive traffic on the internet, you will be able to reach millions of potential customers, investors and employees from all over the world.its a great marketing tool for any kind of organisation as it automates marketing , its online 24/7 and acessible by billions from all over the world.
    Yes, we work with clients to redsign existing websites to improve design, functionality, features, fix bugs, increase traffic, convertion rate optimization and more.

    yes we will offer ongoing support for your website with web hosting and domain names to ensure it stays online. to update the site or add more features or functionality will attract additional costs. However whatever you need we will alwways be here for you

    We have years of expereince studying SEO and working with clients on thier SEO projects.We are able to research an industry and niche to creatre sucessfully SEO compagins that bring you massive free traffic from google to your webstie. The landing pages are built to convert this free organic search engine traffic to a customer depending with your site monitization method.
    Depending on the kind of website , number of pages, graphics works and size of team working on the project a small website can take 2-3 working days while more complex website could take weeks .
    Ofcourse, with the advent of the internet and tools such as zoom we are able to work with clients from all over the world.
    1.E-commerce websites
    4.Social Media
    5.Institutional websites( Govt, schools , NGos)
    6.Private websites
    7.Gallery/picture/videos sharing 8.Business Commercial Websites
    9. and many more


    When choosing a web design company, there are several hats (or areas of expertise) that the web design company need to wear to provide the best results possible out of your website. This include:

    1. • Aesthetics
    2. • Marketing
    3. • Search engine optimization
    4. • Copywriting
    5. • Programming
    6. • tracking

    Factors to consider when choosing a web design company

    Online businesses are growing day by day and the main reason behind this is a well-planned, designed and efficient website that has made possible to bring offline business online. If you’re thinking of making an effective online presence, hire a professional web design company to design your business website.

    1. 1. Choose the right designer for your site: choosing a web design company is like selecting a house builder for your home. You want a well-grounded home that meets your needs. To achieve this you need to find a company that’s experienced and has good reputation.

    2. 2. Know your budget: what is your budget to build and launch your website? Determine your cost. It’s important that you have a budget in mind so that you can quickly filter out the vendors who can deliver within your budget range. Always remember budget and value.

    3. 3. Understand your goals of having a website list down specific goals that you would want to achieve from your website. Look for websites in your industry and know what they can do and then translate that idea to what they can do for you. A website is never just about having one but achieving business aligned goals

    4. 4. Web hosting – find 3-5 companies to evaluate: Take a look at the vendor website. Does it attract you enough to want to do business with them? Call them and submit their contact form, how fast are they responding? It’s important that you select vendors who are sincere and keen on your project success.

    5. 5. Summary: A company that has their own newsletter or blog proves that they’re good at what they do. They’ve allocated time and resources for this, as they share with clients their knowledge in this industry. Since they are invested in their company, you are assured that they can do the same for you. Overall you need to find a web design company that has proven results and one that you can trust with your project.

    Why choose us as your professional web design services

    There are so many compelling reasons why you should consider SkyHost for your web design services:

    1. 1. Flexible payment plan: Can’t pay for your website in one go due to your financial restrictions? No problem! We can arrange a monthly instalment plan for you. We will help you stay within your budget and create a beautiful website for your business with your available budget. Don’t be overcharged or tempted by cheap services. We at skyhost will deliver within your budget range

    2. 2. In-house, local team: Unlike some other web design companies, we don’t outsource our work to 3rd parties or abroad. Our development team is based here in the company

    3. 3. Direct access to our team Prefer face to face interaction with the web designer? No problem, just come to our office and our team will be happy to help you at any time

    There’s no doubt that the internet plays a major role in today’s market. In today’s increasingly digitalized era, everyone you meet has a smartphone in their pocket. In today’s jobs many require significant time working in front of a computer. As such, having a website is necessary part of doing business in today’s digital era. Businesses with a single page website or no website at all risk isolating a significant portion of their intended audience. On the other hand, those brands who invest in professional website design and development services will invariably enjoy better growth and reach a greater audience. Here are some of the chiefs benefits why you should invest in a web design for your business website.

    We don’t compromise with the Best Web Design Solutions

    Why invest in professional web design services?

    1. • Dedication builds trust: In the digital world, customers expect a certain level of professionalism and are more critical of an unprofessional online presence. A professionally designed website will project the image of a professional company. On the other hand, a business who clearly hasn’t given much consideration or investment to their website will simply look like they don’t care a whole lot. Which is why you have to have professional website development so that your customers do not feel wary of your business due to a perceived cheapness that a homemade website might bring to your business. Skyhost provide you with high quality website development that will not break the bank.

    2. • Effective advertising: In digital marketing, your website is your foundation or home base. It’s where you direct users, whether from search results, social media, or another source. When consumers are looking online for a particular product or service online, they have no clue of exactly what they are looking for from the business they ultimately choose .again, consumers are increasingly going online first when considering new products or services. Whether they’re searching on their tablet, smartphone, or desktop, users rely on search to find what they’re looking for, from services to products. If a website has high search engine ranking for keywords relevant to their business, it’s very likely that they are gaining customers and clients via their website. If your website doesn’t rank on the first page of search results. It’s difficult for your company to connect with those consumers. With our design strategies and our optimization tactics its likely your webpage will rank on the first page of search results. That allows your company to reach high-value users in your target audience, transforming them from leads to customers.

    3. • Getting a head start: If you offer more than one product or service, then having professional website will enable you to describe those different aspects of your business in full. When considering professional website development, it’s important to decide what customizations you need on your website ahead of time. A great business website will have multiple pages so that customers can find information on the exact aspect of your business they are interested in each page, along with new items, blog posts, and social media a post that has a directed call to action to help visitors move forward to become customers.

    4. • Solidify your web presence!: Don’t let your website be shoddy or not properly reflect your brand. Get a performance driven website for your business that drives not only results but also customer satisfaction from us