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Reseller Hosting 

Craving the freedom to brand and scale your web hosting business without breaking the bank? Look no further than Skyhost’s cPanel Reseller Hosting. We empower tech-savvy Kenyans like you to become web hosting superheroes, effortlessly managing clients, customizing plans and growing your business


FREE Domain Reseller Account


Scale on Demand






FREE WHMCS M-Pesa Module


cPanel Reseller Hosting Packages

Free Domain Reseller Account with WHMCS Module

Supercharge Your Hosting Empire

Own the Domain Game: Don’t just offer hosting, dominate the entire digital landscape with our FREE Domain Reseller Account included in your cPanel Reseller plan. Access over 900 TLDs (Top-Level Domains) at exclusive discounted rates, allowing you to craft irresistible bundled packages for your clients.

WHMCS Integration Made Easy: Forget the hassle of manual domain management. Our seamlessly integrated WHMCS module lets you register, transfer, and manage domains directly from your WHMCS interface. Say goodbye to switching platforms and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Boost Your Bottom Line: Offer your clients the convenience of domain registration alongside their hosting plans. Not only will this increase their satisfaction, but it also presents a lucrative opportunity to upsell and generate additional revenue streams.

Free WHMCS License

Unleash the Power of Automation

Ditch the Paperwork: Ditch the endless spreadsheets and manual billing cycles. Your cPanel Reseller plan comes with a FREE WHMCS License, the industry-leading web hosting automation platform. Automate everything from client onboarding and service provisioning to invoicing and payments.

Effortless Client Management: WHMCS gives you complete control over your clients’ experiences. Manage accounts, offer customer support, and track resource usage – all from one centralized platform. This means more time to focus on growing your business, not drowning in administrative tasks.

Scale with Confidence: As your reseller business thrives, WHMCS easily scales to accommodate your needs. Manage hundreds or even thousands of clients with ease, thanks to WHMCS’s robust functionality and intuitive interface

Free WHMCS M-Pesa Module

Tap into Kenya’s Mobile Money Powerhouse

Unlocking Local Payments: Embrace the power of M-Pesa, Kenya’s dominant mobile money platform, directly within your WHMCS system. Our FREE WHMCS M-Pesa Module simplifies online payments for your clients, removing barriers and boosting your conversion rates.

Convenience at Their Fingertips: Allow your clients to pay for their hosting plans and domain registrations instantly, securely, and directly from their mobile wallets. M-Pesa’s ubiquitous reach in Kenya gives your business a significant edge over competitors.

Reduced Friction, Increased Revenue: Simplify the payment process for your Kenyan clients and witness a surge in subscriptions and renewals. M-Pesa integration removes logistical hurdles and makes transactions effortless, leading to a happier clientele and a healthier bottom line.

LiteSpeed Ready

All of our reseller hosting packages come standard with the LiteSpeed Web Server, which has increased perfomance and 20 X faster loading speeds when compared to APache webserver

SSD Storage

All of our reseller hosting Packages are deployed on servers that run state-of-the-art SSD storage for improved performance and website loading speeds

No Technical Skills Required

Our team completely manages your entire hosting infrastructure from Web Servers, DNS servers, Security, Backups, etc so you can focus on sales/marketing to grow your business. Skyhost will handle everything else

Scale on Demand

All of our reseller hosting are securely deployed on our private cloud and is instantly scalable. As your customer base grows upgrade to the next package in the client area with a click of a button

100% White Labeled

You have the option to add custom brand color schemes and to create your hosting packages and prices. If you’re a reseller with us your customers will never see the Skyhost brand.

Instant Setup

As soon as we receive your first payment your reseller account is put online and ready to use, everything is 100% Automated

MariaDB Ready

An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL with improved performance


Manage everything on your reseller hosting from your web browser using cPanel(WHM) without server knowledge!

FREE Malware Scanning

now you can rest easy knowing our automated malware scanner will scan your clients files for malicious code and remove them automatically


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to web hosting. Is cPanel Reseller Hosting right for me?

Absolutely! cPanel Reseller Hosting is perfect for tech-savvy individuals and businesses looking to launch their own web hosting brand. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources make it easy to get started, even if you’re not a coding whiz.

What technical support do you offer?

Our friendly team of Kenyan tech experts is available 24/7 to provide you with exceptional support via phone, email, and live chat. Hakuna Matata! We’ve got your back.

Can I migrate my existing clients to your platform?

Absolutely! We offer seamless and hassle-free migration services to ensure your clients experience a smooth transition to our top-notch cPanel Reseller Hosting platform.

I need help setting up my reseller hosting business. Do you offer any resources or tools?

We go beyond just hosting! We’re your partner in web hosting success. We offer a wealth of resources to help you launch and grow your reseller business. Here are just a few:

    • Comprehensive documentation:¬†Our detailed guides cover everything from setting up reseller accounts to managing billing and marketing your services.
    • Video tutorials:¬†Prefer visual learning?¬†We have a library of informative video tutorials that walk you through step-by-step processes.
  • Marketing resources:¬†We provide templates,¬†guides,¬†and best practices to help you attract and retain clients for your reseller hosting business.
What about security? How do you protect my clients' data?

Security is our top priority. We employ a multi-layered approach to ensure your clients’ data is always safe and secure, including:

    • Industry-leading security software:¬†We use advanced security software to protect against malware,¬†DDoS attacks,¬†and other threats.
    • Regular security audits:¬†We conduct regular security audits to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Backups and disaster recovery:¬†We offer regular backups and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your clients’ data is never lost.
I'm concerned about managing multiple cPanel accounts. Will it be overwhelming?

Managing multiple cPanel accounts can seem daunting, but we make it easy with our intuitive and powerful tools. Our reseller platform features:

    • Bulk account management:¬†Create,¬†suspend,¬†and manage multiple cPanel accounts effortlessly from a single interface.
    • Resource monitoring:¬†Keep track of your clients’ resource usage and easily identify any potential issues.
    • White-labeled reports:¬†Generate branded reports for your clients to showcase your professionalism and build trust.

Remember, our friendly Kenyan support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We want you to feel confident and empowered to manage your reseller hosting business with ease.

Experience the Difference

  • cPanel’s Intuitive Mastery¬†Manage everything from domains and email to databases and subaccounts with cPanel’s user-friendly interface. It’s like having a Swiss Army Knife for your hosting empire.
  • Scale Like a Savvy Kenyan Entrepreneur:¬†Host unlimited websites and cPanel accounts, craft bespoke plans for your clients, and watch your profits skyrocket. The sky’s the limit with our flexible, resource-packed reseller plans.
  • SEO Optimization Built-In:¬†Dominate Google search with built-in SEO tools, blazing-fast SSD storage, and top-tier Kenyan infrastructure. Get ready to see your clients’ websites rise to the top.
  • Unrivaled 24/7 Kenyan Support:¬†Our team of local tech wizards is always on call to ensure your hosting business runs like a well-oiled machine. Hakuna Matata! (No worries!)

Our Customer Testimonials

Before Skyhost’s cPanel Reseller Hosting, juggling clients and managing resources on shared hosting was a nightmare. Now, I have complete control, offering customized plans to each tech startup under my wing. The intuitive interface makes cPanel a breeze, and the Kenyan support team is always just a phone call away. My business has doubled in size, and my clients rave about the speed and security. Asanteni sana, Skyhost Cloud! (Thank you very much!)

John Mwangi

Director, Building My Hosting Empire with Skyhost's Reseller Hosting

I started as a solo blogger, constantly struggling with slow loading times and limited features. With Skyost’s cPanel Reseller Hosting, I not only revamped my own website but also launched hosting plans for fellow bloggers. The white-labeling feature helps me build my brand, and the SEO tools have skyrocketed my blog’s traffic. Now, I’m helping other Kenyans achieve online success, my hosting headaches are gone!

Sarah Njeri,

Blogger, From Blogger to Web Hosting Hero

My e-commerce platform was growing fast, but my old hosting couldn’t keep up. Skyhost’s cPanel Reseller Hosting came to the rescue! With flexible plans and resource-packed infrastructure, I can now handle thousands of transactions with ease. The built-in security features give me peace of mind, and the Kenyan and South African data centers ensures lightning-fast delivery for my customers. My business is booming, and it’s all thanks to Skyhost Kenya

David Otieno

CEO, Scaling My E-commerce Empire

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

Our Technical support team is well-trained and committed to giving you the best customer experience. We are available on call, email, and support tickets 24/7 and are always happy to help

Why cPanel Reseller Hosting is the Kenyan Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

The landscape of web hosting in Kenya is booming. Businesses of all sizes are clamoring for reliable, secure, and affordable platforms to showcase their brands and reach their target audiences. This is where you, the savvy Kenyan entrepreneur, come in. With cPanel Reseller Hosting, you’re not just offering hosting; you’re crafting bespoke solutions, building trust with your clients, and commanding premium prices.

Here’s what makes cPanel Reseller Hosting the gold standard for Kenyan web hosting entrepreneurs

  • Flexibility is Your Friend:¬†Craft unlimited, customized hosting plans tailored to your clients’ specific needs. Whether they’re bloggers, e-commerce giants, or budding developers, you have the power to cater to them all.
  • White-Label Branding: Build Your Empire:¬†Ditch the generic hosting facade! Brand your reseller hosting business with your own logo, domain name, and personalized email addresses. Make your mark on the Kenyan digital landscape.
  • Profitability that Makes You Proud:¬†Set your own prices, manage billing cycles, and reap the rewards of your entrepreneurial spirit. Reseller hosting empowers you to build a thriving business with real staying power.
  • Technical Expertise Without the Headaches:¬†Leave the server maintenance and infrastructure worries to us. We handle the behind-the-scenes magic, so you can focus on what you do best – building lasting relationships with your clients.
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