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How much does it cost to have a website in Kenya?

by | Web Design

The cost of starting and running a website can be broken down into four main categories. 

Domain Registration Costs

A domain name is basically the name of your website, the address by which visitors can find your website online, skyhost.co.ke is a domain name. The nature of your business and your target audience will determine the kind of domain name you should choose.

Since domain name prices can change follow this link to our domain prices page where you can get a list of more than 800+ domain extensions and their up-to-date prices.

Web Hosting Costs

Web hosting is the server space where your website files are hosted or stored. This server is referred to as a web server and is specifically designed for web applications. A web server is always connected to the internet and power 24/7 365 ensuring users can find your website at all times.

Web hosting costs can vary depending on the type of web hosting you need for your specific website. Web hosting can be broken down into several categories. I’ve included links to the prices for the different types of web hosting as prices can change to ensure  you get the most up-to-date info

Ask your web developer what type of web hosting is best for your website. If they are always recommending the cheapest shared hosting package out there for each project you should seriously question their competency.

Each website has different hosting needs. A website that is expected to handle requests from thousands of users needs different resources than the one that wants to stream high-definition videos.

One web application can be CPU intensive while another can be RAM intensive or require massive amounts of storage. Talk to a web hosting expert of your web developer for the best advice on web hosting for your situation.

Web Development Fee

The cost to develop a website will also range greatly depending on the kind of website you need. At skyhost, we believe every project is different, like building a house. We, therefore, don’t believe in boilerplate rate cards. 

We are however happy to give you a free custom web design quote after a 5-minute call with our sales rep and pro web developer to discuss the scope and requirements of your project.

Cost of Goods Sold

This cost will depend on your business model. If you are selling physical products with your e-commerce store you will have inventory, warehousing, and shipping costs that other types of websites might not.

Maintenance Fee

You might want to update your website from time to time, and add new features or functions. The fee your web developer will charge will be dependent on what you need to be done. You can request a quote from our sales rep who will be more than happy to send you a free website maintenance quote.

How much does it cost to run a website in Kenya?

A website’s running costs are web hosting costs, domain renewal, operational costs, and maintenance costs.


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