Our VPS Server cloud platform is a powerful, flexible and higly scalable alternative for businesses that have outgrown shared hosting.With full root access you can install and customize virtually anything.Our platform is highly scalable, you wil never outgrow your Server .Add CPU, Memory, Storage and other computing resourses on the go without any downtime.

vps hosting in kenya


1 V.Core 2.4 GHZ 512 MB 10 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 1,200 BUY NOW
1 V.Core 2.4 GHZ 2 GB 20 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 2,925 BUY NOW
1 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS) 2 GB 20 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 3,375 BUY NOW
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ 2 GB 40 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 8,250 BUY NOW
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS) 2 GB 40 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 8,925 BUY NOW
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ 4 GB 80 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 13,425 BUY NOW
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS) 4 GB 80 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 14,775 BUY NOW
3 V.Core 6 GB 120 GB 1 TB20 Mins Ksh. 25,200 BUY NOW
8 V.Core 16 GB 500 GB 5 TB20 Mins Ksh. 27,150 BUY NOW
4 V.Core 2.4 GHZ 8 GB 160 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 27,225 BUY NOW
4 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS) 8 GB 160 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 29,475 BUY NOW
6 V.Core 2.4 GHZ 16 GB 320 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 44,925 BUY NOW
6 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS) 16 GB 320 GB Unlimited20 Mins Ksh. 49,875 BUY NOW


Additional IP Address => Ksh. 899/month

Additional disk space => Ksh. 1,500/50 GB/month for any extra 50 GB of HDD


Website outgrowing your Shared Web Hosting package? Did your website go down on the biggest sales day of the year? With over two decades web hosting experience we understand what it means when you have high depends and we have you covered At Skyhost Kenya we have an exclusive line of cloud powered VPS Hosting packages (Virtual Private Servers) that give you full control over your hosting environment. With full root access and dedicated resources, you can configure your VPS server to meet the exact needs of your business. Not a techie? Don't want to hire an expensive server administrator? Nervous about running your own server? Take a deep breath. Our Skyhost Kenya Support team handles all the technical work for you offering complete server management. With our high speed cloud platform you can easily get started on one VPS Hosting package and scale resources on demand as your business continues to grow. Skyhost Kenya was founded by a group of Internet Entrepreneurs that have over two decades experience scaling high traffic and high demand websites, so there isn't a project to small or too large for our VPS Hosting.

Skyhost VPS cloud hosting

Unlike traditional VPS hosting infrastructures, Skyhost is built on top of our high-speed cloud allowing additional resources (CPU, RAM) to be added in real time upon request. The cloud also adds additional redundancy to our VPS hosting as resources are pooled together from multiple pieces of hardware vs. one single dedicated server. We also do not use traditional hard drives but rather solid-state drives (SSD) that don’t have moving parts and offer much better performance. Each one of our VPS instances comes with 5,000GB (5TB) of monthly bandwidth. All inbound bandwidth is free hence the 5TB is only outbound bandwidth

Why you should use Skyhost Kenya VPS hosting

Fully Managed: Our team completely manages your servers by installing critical OS updates and security patches.
SSD Storage: All of our cloud based hosting solutions include state-of-the-art SSD storage for performance.
LiteSpeed Ready: Performance up to 9x faster than Apache with a small memory footprint and increased scalability.
WordPress Ready: One click installation ready - have your blog up and going in under five minutes!
MariaDB Ready: An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL with improved performance
Instant Setup: As soon as we receive your first payment your account is put online and ready to use.
Our Support: You're in safe hands with our world-class support team. We'll help you manage and setup your site.
cPanel w/Web Host Manager: Manage everything on your server from your web browser without server knowledge!

What makes Skyhost Kenya VPS hosting different?

Many of the "big hosting" brands are still deploying Virtual Private Servers using virtualization software on an old school dedicated server. This means they have one physical server, with spinning hard disks, RAM, etc. and use software to deploy multiple Virtual Private Servers. If just one of the many hardware pieces in the machine fails, it can send the entire parent server offline, crashing all the "child" or "virtual server" instances. If you need to add resources to your virtual instance, they have to ensure they have enough RAM/Disk Space on the machine in order to re-image and allow you to have access. Sometimes this requires taking the entire machine offline and adding them. All of this leads to unwanted downtime, decreased redundancy, and lack of scalability. Our entire platform has been built to solve this situation and provide the highest quality VPS Hosting in the industry: 100% True Cloud Web Hosting - All of our VPS Hosting packages are deployed on top of our high speed cloud. We don't rely on any single piece of hardware to power your VPS. Instantly Scalable - If you need to add more CPU power, RAM, or disk space, it can be done with a couple clicks of a mouse and minimal downtime (for a couple quick reboots). 99.9% Uptime - Since none of our VPS Hosting packages are relying on a single piece of hardware and we have multiple upstream providers we're able to offer a highly redundant solution for your business. SSD Raid 10 Storage - We don't use cheap SATA or other hard drives with moving parts that are known to fail! All of our VPS Hosting packages use Solid State Drives protected by Raid 10. This means that not only is your data being read/written extremely fast, it's also automatically being replicated to another drive incase of a failure. Fully Managed - Don't know how to do important software and kernel updates? Our Superhero Support team manages all aspects of your Operating System including critical updates and patching to ensure your server is up-to-date and patched for the latest security threats. CentOS 7 - All of our VPS Hosting packages come standard with CentOS 7. A free, enterprise-class, community-supported, Linux distribution. This is the operating system of choice for many very large organizations that will ensure maximum efficiency of your server.


vps hosting in kenya

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

One physical machine virtualized into server "sub" machines. Each virtual server is used to have guaranteed resources. Multiple websites/businesses share on physical machine.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud computing allows multiple physical machines to act as one system. Therefore with Cloud Web Hosting, visitors aren't accessing just one machine. They're accessing several instantaneously. More resources such as disk space, RAM, and computing power, can be added on the fly. Backups can be spun up instantly and websites can migrate seamlessly.

vps hosting in kenya

Advantages of Cloud VPS hosting

The services are free from capital expenditure. There are no huge costs of hardware in cloud computing. You just have to pay as you operate it and enjoy the model based on your subscription plan.


The best VPS server should be secure, reliable and most importantly scalable to allow you to add computing resources as your business grows

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. For many purposes they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server, and being software-defined, are able to be much more easily created and configured. They are priced much lower than an equivalent physical server, but as they share the underlying physical hardware with other VPSs, performance may be lower, and may depend on the workload of other instances on the same hardware node.
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Select configuration options and complete payment
Access server control panel
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Assign IP addresses and register your name servers
Register your name servers with your domain registrar
Create your first account
Point your DNS
Enjoy high speed VPS hosting
You would want to use a VPS server when your site architecture , or size exceeds the resource limits of your shared hosting environment. A VPS is also useful if you need root acess (admin level acess) without the budget for a decicated server.
Yes firewalls are higly recommened as part of your security for your VPS to block malicious, they dont affect the perfomamnce of your VPS and will save you from migrains. However security is best done in layers and firewalls shouldnt be your only line of defense.

Yes VPS servers are very secure.VPS servers use Virtual Machine software such as vmware to virtulize pyhsical machines into Virtual Machines(VMs) that allow the VMs to share computing hardware resourses.Even thou they share the same hardware resourses Virtulization creates a veil of privacy and security between the virtual servers ensuring security as users can only acess thier own virtual machine and not any other on the physical server.

1.Change your Default SSH login credentials
2.Keep your OS and other software updated
3.Install a firewall
4.Continually monitor your server logs for any suspicious activity
5.Create User acess management policy
6.Install an SSL on your VPS hostname to encrypt connections
7.Protect against brute force attacks
8.Perfom regular backups
9.Install malware scanning and removal software
VPN and VPS are commonly confused terms. A VPS is a virtual private server, a form of web hosting where Mutiple virtual machines/servers are created on the same pyshical server to share resources to reduce cost. While VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is a service that allow users to use the internet in complete privacy and anonymity
VPS are deployed on one physical machine while cloud servers are a virtual partion on mutiple pyschical machines for maximum scalability and redudancy

VPS Hosting options

Along from our standard configurations, we also give you the option to configure your server for your exact needs: 100% White Labeled - You have the option to define the exact hostname of your server. If you're a Reseller your customers will never see the s brand. LiteSpeed Ready - All of our VPS hosting packages come standard with the Apache web server, but if you want to add the LiteSpeed Web Server, our team will complete the entire setup for you. Cloudflare Ready - Many of our customers find a lot of value in using Cloudflare to help protect their website from malicious attacks and help accelerate their page delivery. Our team can install the Cloudflare cPanel plugin for you and will also provide access to their Railgun which is over a $200/month value purchased alone! Malware Scanning - If you'd like to have an automatic Malware scanner installed on your VPS hosting package, our team will handle the entire setup and configuration. Dedicated IPs - All of our VPS hosting packages come standard with 2 complimentary dedicated IP addresses. If you need more, you can define these during your initial server configuration or request them from our sales team at anytime.

VPS Hosting for wordpress

All of our virtual private servers have been designed especially for high traffic WordPress websites. We understand the needs of our customers with large audiences and have developed accordingly by integrating with Web Host Manager and cPanel to allow for one-click installations and free and automatic SSL certificates. For an additional software-licensing fee, we can also add automated nightly Malware scanning and removal to your VPS for added security especially with WordPress themes and plugins.


Cloud server and a web page

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Our VPS servers are deployed on our private cloud which is reliable with 99.99% uptime

Secure sheild symbol next to a rack of servers

Secure Cloud

Secure VPS servers that ensure the privacy of your files and applications

Three technical support staff on laptop computers

24/7 Technical Support

Even thou our VPS servers are self managed we offer technical support for your VPS servers 24/7/365 to help you dignose and fix technical issues

Thousands of satisfied clients from over 25 countries worldwide ; here are a few examples